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Wednesday, 10 June 2015, 18:21 HKT/SGT

Source: Quamnet
The Sixth Quamnet Outstanding Enterprise Awards Ceremony Held on 15 Jan, 2015
25 outstanding awards presented with high praise and wide public attention

HONG KONG, June 10, 2015 - (ACN Newswire) - The award presentation ceremony of Quamnet Outstanding Enterprise Awards 2014, organized by Quamnet, successfully took place on Jan 15, 2015 at The Hong Kong Bankers Club. The representatives of the awarded enterprises celebrated their achievements and shared their successful experience at the ceremony. Renowned members from the business community, notable guests and the media were invited to join the ceremony.

Marking the sixth anniversary

Quamnet Outstanding Enterprise Awards (QOEA) is dedicated to recognizing outstanding enterprises for their continuous success, and exploring more enterprises with excellent performance. This year marks the 6th anniversary of the awards. A total of 25 awards were presented in recognition of the achievements of 24 enterprises covering different sectors and industries. Among them, 13 enterprises awarded last year won the awards again, including Air Canada, The Bank of East Asia, Limited, Censere Group, China CITIC Bank International Limited, China Construction Bank (Asia), China Life Trustees Limited, Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Limited, Genea Entertainment and Productions Limited, Invesco Hong Kong Limited, Macquarie Capital Securities Limited, New World Development Company Limited, Old Mutual Global Investors and Vitasoy International Holdings Limited. Meanwhile, 11 enterprises were awarded for the first time, including ActivTrades Plc, AllianceBernstein Hong Kong Limited, Bank of Communications Trustee Limited, California Insurance Company Limited, China All Access (Holdings) Limited, Gimmick House Limited, Goldenway Precious Metals Limited, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited, Mazarine Asia Pacific, PolyVision and SJM - Group Marketing.

Enterprises with exceptional performance are highly praised

At the ceremony, Mr. Kenneth Lam, CEO and Deputy Chairman of Quam Financial Service Group said: "The business world is moving fast and competition is everywhere. Therefore, it is not easy at all to achieve excellence. Fortunately, among the award winners, one can see that there are so many companies in Hong Kong which work so hard on their journey to excellence and succeed to remain at the forefront in their respective industries. It is the honor of Quamnet to showcase their achievements." Meanwhile, Mr. Richard Winter, Deputy Chairman of Quam Financial Services Group added: "The award winners come from a wide range of sectors, which is testimony to the innovation and fighting spirit of entrepreneurs in Hong Kong. In the future, Quamnet will take further advantage of this solid platform to explore and introduce more excellent enterprises to the public and business community."

Besides, Quamnet was honored to invite Dr. Pollyanna Y.W. Chu, Chairman of The Institute of Securities Dealers and Honorary Chairman of The Chamber of Hong Kong Listed Companies; Mr. Jeffrey Chan, Chairman of Hong Kong Securities Association; Dr. Stephen Kwok MH, President of Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises Association and Ms. Lee Sai Yin Jeanne, Chairman of Hong Kong Securities Professionals Association, as our guests of honor. Dr. Pollyanna Y.W. Chu, who became our prize presenters again, said the awards offered an excellent opportunity for the public and business community to learn more about the efforts and achievements by the leading enterprises in Hong Kong and hoped they could achieve even better results in the future. Meanwhile, Mr. Jeffrey Chan said that QOEA not only recognized the performance of excellent enterprises in Hong Kong but also offered a golden opportunity to enhance their corporate reputation. He hoped more and more companies from different industries could earn this valuable recognition.

Award winners share their formula of success

SJM's marketing department aims at diversification

The government of Macau strives to develop Macau as a world-class tourist destination to attract more visitors from around the world. Mr. Bailey Sin, Marketing Director of SJM said: "In line with the government's aim, SJM will provide more promotional offers and even better services to satisfy the demands of different kinds of tourists. It will also further develop and diversify tourism products."

Mr. Sin added: "SJM's Group Marketing will seek more online and offline business opportunities in order to explore different markets. It will not only actively join the travel exhibitions and promotional events organized by Macau Government Tourist Office but also work hand in hand with media, charities and business community to promote one-stop travel solution and achieve successful business growth."

China CITIC Bank International embraces social platforms

In the era of mobile internet, Mr. Felix Lau, Deputy Head of PBG & EGM of China CITIC Bank International Limited said: "E-banking has been well recognized by the peers, with diversified services available now." Last year, China CITIC Bank International took the initiative to implement a brand-new concept of "mobile banking". By using three creative mobile apps developed by the bank, including "WeChat inMotion", "CITICmobile" and "CITICwallet", the customers can enjoy banking and wealth management service immediately.

He added: "We value our customers' time. The mobile banking breaks the boundary of time and space and matches their lifestyle, saving their time to travel to bank branches frequently." In the coming future, the bank will make further enhancement and innovation in banking service, transaction and payment function of the mobile apps.

Goldenway Precious Metals focuses on innovative trading platform

Mr. Jack Yu, Software Development Manager of Goldenway Precious Metals Limited said: "The competition among various electronic trading platforms for precious metals is very fierce. As a result, the Company invests a lot of resources every year on software development in order to stand out and guarantee its leading position in the trading platform."

He added: "we have a special team responsible for platform development in order to quickly respond to the market demand and guarantee the stability and security of the platform". By using self-developed "Goldenway device", clients can enjoy an enhanced level of security with a PIN lock which minimizes the chance of unauthorized use and protect them against possible online threats. Meanwhile, the latest GTS cloud exchange platform has comparative advantages in security and fast transaction.

China Life Trustees strives to expand business

Mr. Andy Lai, Assistant General Manager of China Life Trustees Limited said: "The Company has almost 20 years experience in retirement fund business and places great emphasis on the competitiveness of its products." Currently, China Life MPF Master Trust Scheme has nine funds. By entrusting three well-known fund companies to manage the funds, China Life Trustees strives to achieve the best return for their clients. The Company is now expanding its market share through three channels, including around 600 licensed agents, 20 brokers and its own sales team. Recently, it has added a new telephone sales channel and improved its electronic services in order to provide more convenient services to their clients.

New World Development values investor relationship

As a blue chip, New World Development Company Limited has been the focus of the market. The company understands how important it is to maintain an effective communication channel between shareholders and investors. In the era of information boom, Mr. Stephen Hui, Manager - Investor Relations of the Company said: "We have built up a brand new investor relationship website, which highlights important information for our investors in a very clear way to save their precious time."

On the other hand, the Company also organizes regular meetings, conference calls, roadshows and so on to stay in touch with institutional investors and analysts. In addition, it maintains active communications with over 800 investors and analysts. Last year, different types of site visits and company visits were organized for over 50 investors and analysts. Its high standard of investor relations has always been well received by shareholders and the capital market.

China All Access offers total solution

China All Access (Holdings) Limited, a leading provider of smart technology-based complete information communication solutions and services in China, has expanded their business to the mobile side and acquired a strong research and manufacturing capacity both in software and hardware. Mr. Alfred Shao, Chief Executive Officer of the Company explained: "The move is to provide a total solution to our clients. The communication market is growing very fast. China All Access will develop more new products including mobile phones and other communication devices to enlarge the market share." Meanwhile, the Company will provide more application solution to grab the opportunity due to the development of "smart cities" in China.

Bank of Communications Trustee gets ready for a global RMB

Bank of Communications Trustee has rich experience of renminbi bond market, helping many Chinese companies and organizations to issue RMB bonds in Hong Kong. Dr Li Siu Kei, Chief Executive of the Company said: "The offshore RMB bond market has become more and more mature and the rating system is getting more comprehensive. Combined with the long term appreciation prospects of RMB, it is expected that more Chinese companies will issue RMB bonds, which is attractive for oversea investors." Dr Li added: "In line with the national policy of internationalizing the RMB, we will not only enrich the categories of RMB bonds in the future but also build up more partnership with other investment banks to enlarge the RMB bond market in Hong Kong."

Gimmick House builds up cross-border travel platform

Nowadays, more and more Chinese citizens go abroad to travel, creating a huge market for cross-border flows of capital, tourists and logistics. Mr. Alex Mar, Director of Gimmick House Limited said: "Gimmick House is developing a multi-functional online payment platform and cross-border shopping platform for tourists. The goal is to link Chinese tourists with retail stores and brands in Hong Kong and across the region together so that they can buy genuine products at a discount." Mr. Alex Mar disclosed that the platform will launch in the first quarter of 2015. The house is now working with a service provider in China to make sure the platform can reach more than 100 million users in order to increase its publicity and build up a brand image.

Censere Group - We value our employees

Censere is a transaction support and strategic advisory group with extensive coverage across Asia Pacific. Mr. Brett Shadbolt, CEO of the group said: "We work as a team with one mind and purpose. Even for a local project, we will have colleagues from other regions to work on it together in order to have a more objective view." In fact, the group values their employees and has a comprehensive training system for their staff. Mr. Brett Shadbolt added: "They can work in different regions and roles to come across different cultures and learn new things. I am sure they will never get bored."

2015: A Promising Year For the award winners

Ms. Kitty Fung, Group Chief Financial Officer of Vitasoy International Holdings Limited said: "We will continue to focus on the quality of our products and offer more nutritious and leisure products to the consumers in Hong Kong and around the world. Meanwhile, we also place great emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility." Ms. Vivian Wong, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of California Insurance Company Limited also said: "The Company will continue to enhance its online sales platform and organize more promotional events to attract more clients." In addition, Ms. Jennifer Chee, Director and Head of Client Relations, Institutional Business of Invesco Hong Kong Limited said: "Invesco always focuses on asset management wholeheartedly and is keeping a close watch on the progress of 'core fund' to make sure our MPF products meet the requirements." Finally, Ms. Theresa Tang, Head of Commercial Lending Department of The Bank of East Asia, Limited said: "Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are the corner stone of Hong Kong economy. The bank values its close partnership with SMEs and will keep focusing on the market in Hong Kong and China to serve more customers."

Grand ceremony well supported by sponsors and media
In addition to a strong lineup of guests, the award presentation ceremony attracted numerous media and sponsors both in Hong Kong and China. Our supporting media partners include Economic Digest, Metro Daily, The Standard, Tencent finance, Eastmoney, Hexun, CNFOL, P5W, Caijing and so on. Besides, several companies supported QOEA by offering products & prize sponsorship. Mission Hills Golf Club offered golf and accommodation packages; Hamilton Hill International Kindergarten provided school fee coupons. Meanwhile, Impact Originals provided all attendees with Impact Originals Mint and Pharma Group Ltd with RESCUE products.

Quamnet Outstanding Enterprise Awards 2014 (Alphabetical Listing by Award Name)

Categories - Awards Recipients
1.Outstanding Airline Services - Air Canada
2.Outstanding Business Appraisal and Valuation Services - Censere Group
3.Outstanding Cross-Border Financial Services - China Construction Bank (Asia)
4.Outstanding e-Banking - China CITIC Bank International Limited
5.Outstanding Entertainment & Production Company - Genea Entertainment and Productions Limited
6.Outstanding Eyecare Service Centre - PolyVision
7.Outstanding Fund Management - AllianceBernstein Hong Kong Limited
8.Outstanding Global Asset Management - Old Mutual Global Investors
9.Outstanding Global FX Broker - ActivTrades Plc
10.Outstanding Honor Trustee Service Institution - Employee Share Award Scheme - Bank of Communications Trustee Limited
11.Outstanding Innovative Advertising & Marketing Consultant - Gimmick House Limited
12.Outstanding Investor Relations - New World Development Company Limited
13.Outstanding Jewellery Retail Network - Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Limited
14.Outstanding Local General Insurance Company - California Insurance Company Limited
15.Outstanding Marketing Strategy - SJM - Group Marketing
16.Outstanding Mobile Banking Services - Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited
17.Outstanding MPF Scheme - China Life Trustees Limited
18.Outstanding MPF Services - Invesco Hong Kong Limited
19.Outstanding Precious Metals Trading Platform - Goldenway Precious Metals Limited
20.Outstanding Public Relations Firm - Mazarine Asia Pacific
21.Outstanding RMB Bond Trustee Service Institution - Bank of Communications Trustee Limited
22.Outstanding SME Service Provider (Bank) - The Bank of East Asia, Limited
23.Outstanding Sustainable Development - Vitasoy International Holdings Limited
24.Outstanding Warrant Issuer - Macquarie Capital Securities Limited
25.Outstanding Wireless Communications Application Solutions - China All Access (Holdings) Limited

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June 10, 2015 18:21 HKT/SGT
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