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Thursday, 16 March 2017, 12:51 HKT/SGT

Source: LEXUS
Lexus Launches the New 'LC' Luxury Coupe
The Flagship Coupe Symbolizes the Dawn of a New Era for Lexus

Toyota City, Japan, Mar 16, 2017 - (JCN Newswire) - Lexus has launched the LC luxury coupe across Japan on March 16.(1)

- Unique design is based on the concept of the LF-LC
- Adoption of the newly developed GA-L platform realizes a significantly agile, more refined driving experience
- Utilizes the advanced technology including the world's first multi-stage hybrid system
- Monozukuri (manufacturing) that leverages masterful craftsmanship and advanced production engineering
LC 500 S package (Options shown)

The LC is a flagship coupe which represents the evolution of Lexus as a lifestyle brand which surprises and moves consumers. The LC achieves a unique design, with a smooth and satisfying performance. The coupe is equipped with elements that will be seen in all other Lexus FR line-up models going forward. These include the GA-L platform, multi-stage hybrid system, Direct Shift-10AT as well as other advanced engineering, which also incorporates detailed finishes. Lexus aims to develop a car that offers a pleasurable driving experience which enhances the user's lifestyle.

The LC is priced between 13,000,000 Japanese Yen and 14,500,000 Japanese Yen, which is inclusive of consumption tax(2).

Key features of the LC

The unique design is based on the concept of the LF-LC

Lexus developed this model based upon the ground-breaking design of the LF-LC concept car which was shown at the 2012 Detroit Motor Show. Leveraging the framework of a newly developed platform and harmonizing both the driving performance and design has enabled Lexus to achieve a new sense of ingenuity.

The design led by the GA-L platform helps to enhance the image of the LC as a high performance coupe

- The LC achieves a strong profile with its low center of gravity, lower overall height, and wider body, thus expressing the agility of a coupe with fenders which emphasize the four wheels, and a modulated yet solid geometry. Furthermore, it comprises of attractive surfaces and sharp lines throughout, enhancing the elegance expected of a luxury coupe.
- At the front, there is a continuous, accentuated design which extends from the base to the hood, integrating the spindle grill into the body. The newly developed ultra-compact LED triple-projector unit and the L-shaped LED clearance markers (with daylight functionality) have also been included. Altogether, they present a bold and elegant image.
- The center of the rear employs a spindle design, incorporating the lines which flow from the front. The turning lamps, which extend vertically downward from the exterior of the tail lamps, as well as the low placement of muffler diffusers on both sides of the coupe emphasizes its low center of gravity and spaciousness.
- Eleven color options are available, including a newly developed Naples Yellow Contrast Layering, which accentuates the car's sportiness with the realization of a high intensity yellow for the exterior panels.
LC 500h L package

An interior that fuses driving pleasure and comfort

- The cockpit interior design helps to enhance the exhilaration of driving, and combines with the indulgent feel of the passenger compartment to express a unique sense of luxury that unites elegance with advanced functionality.
- The cockpit provides for a driving position which creates a sense of oneness between driver and car. Features such as the placement of pedals and switches, the angling of the steering wheel, and the snug fit of the seats have undergone rigorous testing, and have been realized accordingly. In addition, the design allows for a comfortable handling during operation.
- The meticulous cross-sectional adjustment of the steering wheel allows for an easier grip, in consideration of hand adaptability, while the paddle shift uses magnesium alloy to achieve greater maneuverability and high sensitivity, to help enhance driving pleasure. In addition, a more satisfying sense of driving operation and fit is achieved by utilizing an ergonomically designed shift gear.
- The passenger seat has been designed with the aim of shielding the passenger, as well as providing a more expansive perspective ahead of the car. The glass panorama roof(3) provides a sense of exhilaration, while the leather and Alcantara(4) seats have a sumptuous and luxurious feel which has been realized as a result of the high-quality craftsmanship that is unique to Lexus.
- The LC also pursues snug seats which disperse pressure while seated. Semi-aniline genuine leather(5) enhances seat comfort while achieving a cutting-edge design, with a layered structure which separates the main and side sections of the seating. On the other hand, the Alcantara sports seats(6) utilize a construction method whereby the upholstery and foam are integrated to achieve greater seating comfort. All seats offer pleasure and comfort in all driving situations, from sporty to cruising styles.
- Four interior colors are available, including the newly developed Ochre and Breezy Blue.
LC 500h S package (interior color Ochre)

Adoption of the newly developed GA-L platform realizes significantly more agile, more refined driving experience

The new LC utilizes the newly developed GA-L platform, which is the basis of the Lexus FR lineup. Fastidious attention was paid to factors impacting the vehicle's inertia, together with the body rigidity and weight reduction, which contribute significantly to the achievement of the driving appeal and design of the FR.

A return to the basics in the pursuit of fundamental functionality

- In order to achieve accuracy and certainty of the steering feel and superior handling during direction, a front mid-ship layout has been adopted and in addition, the weight of the vehicle has been concentrated near the center. Through proactive utilization of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) and aluminum components, the center of gravity has been lowered and inertia has been reduced.
- While the body has been made highly rigid, at the same time, attention has also been paid to the application of power throughout the body, where flexibility has been ensured by being attentive to the transformation during vehicle motion, and the uniformity of tort of the overall frame. This contributes to the smooth turning performance, which is in line with the driver's intentions.
- A newly developed suspension has been adopted for both the front and rear. The front high-mounted multi-link suspension uses a double-joint, upper-lower four-link suspension construction which delivers greater control for a more refined movement in response to driver's operations and road conditions, achieving excellent responsiveness. Furthermore, optimizing the arm placement allows the fitting of 21 inch tires, and the realization of a lower hood height. Geometrical optimization and the reduction of friction in the rear multi-link suspension also assists in the achievement of superior stability and riding comfort.
- The tires have been set at 20 or 21 inches. In the rare event of a puncture, run-flat tires allow for continued driving for some distance, whereby a spare tire is unnecessary, which further lightens the car, contributing to the realization of better coupe styling. In addition, optimization of the tire resistance improves the comfort in comparison with conventional flat-run tires.
- The S package combines the new Limited Slip Differential (LSD)(7) with the standard Lexus Dynamic Handling (LDH) system to improve acceleration performance during turning. Advanced engineering, such as understeer/oversteer control, an advancement of Dynamic Rear Steering (DRS) control, Variable Gear Ratio Steering (VGRS), and active rear steering have been actively adopted to provide both greater comfort in handling and safety.

Utilizes the advanced technology including the world's first multi-stage hybrid system

The advancement of technology has helped to revolutionize the image of hybrid vehicles. The world's first multi-stage hybrid system and the Direct Shift-10AT has been adopted as part of the latest powertrain. This helps to achieve a rhythmic feel and a pleasant engine sound during the drive

A multi-stage hybrid system that revolutionizes the image of a hybrid with its performance

- The multi-stage hybrid system is a world's first construction that combines the Lexus hybrid system with variable gears. By controlling output of both the higher rpm 3.5-liter V6 engine and the driving motor, it achieves powerful performance from low speeds through to high range driving. In addition, operating points were selected for high system efficiency from low through to high speeds and the sphere of EV performance has been enlarged. Altogether, these helped to deliver an emotive driving experience, superior fuel efficiency, and comfortable cruising.
- The new hybrid system provides for a 10-speed automatic transmission which allows for an acceleration which is highly responsive to the intentions of the driver. The power generated from the engine and the motor is rapidly and accurately sent to the tires, providing for a high-performance engine rpm and acceleration in accordance to the driver's intentions.
- The car uses an advanced Driver's Mind Index (DMI) control to understand the driver's intentions which helps to optimize gear selection. When driving along winding roads, the car changes to a lower gear, and proceeds to actively downshift when braking. On the other hand, during more challenging sports driving, the battery provides additional output so as to achieve a greater torque sensation. Driving comfort is achieved when the operating characteristics have been changed with the Drive Mode Select.

Powerful and rhythmic acceleration has been achieved with the V8 5.0-liter engine and Direct Shift 10-AT

- The LC employs the renowned Lexus high-performance 2UR-GSE 5.0-liter V8 engine.
It achieves the superior response expected in a naturally aspirated engine, and provides for a dynamic engine sound. It also features a D-4S direct fuel injection and the Atkinson cycle operation to ensure fuel-efficiency.
- The coupe inherits the LFA's sporty and uplifting engine sound, known as the "cry of angels." An engine sound generator using aspiration pulsation and an exhaust switch valve enables quiet cruising and intensity during acceleration.
- The newly developed Direct Shift-10AT provides for a smooth and clear gear shift. Also, adopting aluminum in the components achieves significant weight reduction and makes the components more compact. In addition, it employs a new control system that reads the driver's intentions from the accelerator, brake and vehicle gravitational acceleration to allow for optimal gear selection.

Advanced technology that provides for a comfortable drive

- The basic functions of the audio equipment have improved sound system to boost sound quality without added correction, and their placement has also been meticulously verified. The acoustics have been designed from the body frame up, with total attention to detail even in areas where no equipment exists for testing, realizing sound which enhances driving comfort. Furthermore, the optional Mark Levinson Reference surround sound system analyzes compressed music in real time to improve sound quality with Clari-Fi technology, delivering natural sounds.
- Seat heaters, seat ventilation and a steering wheel heater coordinated with the automatic air-conditioner are controlled by the Lexus Climate Concierge, with a new model remote with a touch screen that can be enlarged with improved operability that allows scrolling and pinching. An advanced sporty cockpit space that adopts movable meters which has been derived from the LFA(8) design and mechanisms.

New advanced safety technology including the Lexus Safety System +

- The advanced active safety package, Lexus Safety System +, is a standard feature in all cars. The package includes the Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection, Lane Keep Assist (LKA), which helps to avoid collisions caused when a vehicle deviates from a traffic lane, and Automatic High Beam (AHB), which enables early detection of pedestrians at night, and will switch the headlights between high and low beams. Furthermore, the Radar Cruise Control (with All-Speed Tracking function) automatically maintains a pre-set distance from the vehicle in front within a set vehicle speed range. This helps to facilitate multi-faceted driving safety support, achieving a high degree of recognition performance and reliability.
- This is the first time that an engine hood which is raised at four points has been adopted by Lexus. While this helps to achieve a low hood design, this engine hood would still help to protect pedestrians in the event of a collision.

Monozukuri (manufacturing) that leverages masterful craftsmanship and advanced production engineering

The LC production line adopts a design which is radically different from a conventional car plant, by creating an environment where Lexus can fully exercise its craftsmanship and engineering.

A LC dedicated assembly line at Motomachi Plant

- A new, dedicated LC assembly line has been established at Motomachi Plant. The floor and ceiling are completely white to create an environment better suited for working. Furthermore, the latest systems have been introduced for quality assurance, such as the use of tablets to check each person's work processes.

The latest in production engineering and craftsmanship

- Resin Transfer Molding (RTM), a CFRP production technology which has been developed for LFA, has been further enhanced, enabling a CFRP roof to be used for the LC. In addition, self-piercing rivets have been employed to join different materials together, enabling the usage of die-cast aluminum front suspension towers. The interior paneling and stitching is all finished by hand, whereby the production engineering and craftsmanship of Lexus is able to realize the design and driving performance which LC aims for.

(1) Sales of the LC 500 is scheduled to begin from April 13.
(2) Manufacturer's suggested retail price; excludes recycling fees.
(3) Standard setting for the L package
(4) Alcantara is a registered trademark of Alcantara S.p.A.
(5) Standard setting for the L package
(6) Standard setting for the S package and standard specifications
(7) Optional setting for standard specifications and L package
(8) LFA: a limited edition two-seater Lexus sports car released in 2010, with only 500 vehicles sold worldwide. Sales have currently been discontinued

Manufacturer's suggested retail prices

For more information, please visit the Lexus International website:


Since its debut in 1989, Lexus has earned a worldwide reputation for high-quality products and exemplary customer service. Lexus is the hybrid leader among luxury brands, offering hybrids that provide the best in innovative technology and premier luxury. The evolution of Lexus is reflected in the progressive designs of its new vehicles. The grille, dynamic light treatments, and sculptured lines create a distinctive look of luxury for Lexus. For more information, please visit and

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Global Communications Department
Toyota Motor Corporation
Tel: +81-3-3817-9926

Mar 16, 2017 12:51 HKT/SGT
Source: LEXUS

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LC 500 S package (Options shown)
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LC 500h L package
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LC 500h S package (interior color Ochre)
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Manufacturer's suggested retail prices
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